Poly(hexamethylene adipamide), Poly(N,N′-hexamethyleneadipinediamide),  Maranyl,  Ultramid,  Zytel,  Akromid,  Durethan,  Frianyl, Vydyne

Nylon is a material with excellent rigidity, high mechanical strength, and good stability under heat and is either cast (PA6) or extruded (6/6). It is available in round tubing, round rod, sheet or plate, and other extruded  or cast profiles.Sheets can range from 1/16” thick to 6” or more. We stock sheet sizes up to 48” X 120” and the following grades:

Nylon MD: filled with molybdenum disulfide to improve its mechanical, thermal, and bearing properties while maintaining its basic electrical and chemical characteristics.

 Glass filled Nylon: demonstrates outstanding mechanical properties such as higher strength, rigidity, creep strength and dimensional stability. Compared to un-reinforced nylon, the properties of this glass filled modification GF30 make this material suitable for use in parts that are exposed to high static loads over long periods in high temperature conditions. As glass fibers tend in some cases to have a marked abrasive effect on mating surfaces, Nylon 66 GF30 is less suitable for sliding applications. Due to its black color additives, black Nylon 66 GF30 shows improved UV protection for outdoor weather resistance applications.

Oil filled Nylon: used in applications that require excellent bearing and wear properties, and where external lubrication is difficult or impractical. It has excellent wear and abrasion resistance, which results in extended component life and lower maintenance cost.


6 Cast Plate, Rod, Bar, Tubing
6/6 Extruded Plate, Rod, Tubing
6, 6/6 Md Rod, Plate

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