Phenol formaldehyde resins (PF) or phenolic resins

Phenolics are synthetic polymers obtained by the reaction of phenol or substituted phenol with formaldehyde, available in the following grades:

Canvas Electrical (CE) Phenolic: a sheeting laced with canvas that is easily machined. It’s characterized by its strength, great insulation properties, low water absorption, and is frequently used for industrial laminates, gaskets, gears, and wear strip.

G10/FR4: favored for its high strength, low moisture absorption, excellent electrical insulating properties and chemical resistance. These properties are maintained not only at room temperature but also under humid or moist conditions. It was first used as a substrate for printed circuit boards, and its designation, G10, comes from a National Electrical Manufacturers Association standard for this purpose. Decorative variations of G10 are produced in many colors and patterns and are especially used to make handles for knives, grips for firearms and other tools. These can be textured (for grip), bead blasted, sanded or polished. Its strength and low density make it useful for other kinds of handcrafting as well.

Phenolic comes in round tubing, round rod (turned from sheet) and Sheet.


Grades “C”, “CE”, “L”, “LE”, “G-7”, “G-10”, “G-11”, “N-1”, “XX”, “XXX”

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